Homemade Skin Care


Terms & Conditions for Booking and Shopping with J Spa

Before Your Appointment

  • If you are unsure which appointment will best suit you, please book a consultation. 

  • Add-on services are available to choose at the time of booking.

    • If an add-on service is requested after booking, please consult with your service provider. Add-ons may not be added if time is not available for your appointment.

  • Emails will be sent once booking is confirmed.

  • Please reach out if you have any questions at jlawbusiness14@gmail.com or call/text (321) 295-6626.

  • Spa address will be given to you in a reminder email. If you are unable to find the location, please text or call. 



  • Deposit mandatory for confirmation of appointment. 

  • Deposits are non-refundable! Under any circumstances!

  • Deposits are non-transferrable to friends or family. 

  • Booking will not be confirmed if deposit is not paid.


Cancellations/No Call No Shows/Late Fees

  • If appointment change requests are within 24 hours of the service time, there will be a 50% charge of the service fee.

  • If an appointment needs to be rescheduled or canceled, please contact your esthetician 48 hours before the appointment for new availability and to inform your service provider.

  • If upon your service provider’s arrival, there is no answer to your door, phone call or text messages, or there is no entry of the gate to your community (if applicable), this will be considered a no call/no show.

  • No call/no shows will result in a charge of 100% of the service fee. 

  • It is at the service provider’s discretion if they choose to service you after that time frame.

  • If the provider chooses to service you, there will be a $15 dollar late fee automatically added on to your services. 

  • Two (2) occurrences of tardiness or No call/no shows within a 12-month time frame will result in being banned from booking with J Spa. 


During Your Appointment

  • Please be promptly on time for your appointment. 

  • Please be at the location given at the time of your appointment. 

  • If you arrive late for your appointment and it is still accepted, you will only have the remaining time available to have your service completed. 

    • Waiting for arrival will cut into the 15-minute grace period. Anything over that time will result in a $15 minute late fee or 100% no call/no show fee.

  • Please have no makeup on.

  • Eliminate all possible distractions for your treatment as this is a time of relaxation and peace.

  • Remaining amount owed for appointment must be paid in CASH or via PayPal invoice.

  • If a card must be used, an additional 2% fee will be charged at time of check out. 


In Case of Emergency

  • In the event that inclement weather occurs, such as hurricanes, your appointment will be rescheduled without any occurrences against you. Simply reach out (if I have not done so to you) for your next available time so that we can schedule.

  • If in the event I encounter a car accident on the way to your appointment, I will notify you as soon as I am able to. I will let you know if the appointment will need to be rescheduled or pushed back in time. There will be no late fee added onto the appointment if the appointment time needs to be delayed.


  • If you placed an order and selected "In store pickup," yo may pickup on Tuesdays or at the time of your next appointment. 

  • This is done to eliminate the interruption of someone else's service and to keep you from waiting. 

  • Shipping information will be sent regardless of if you chose to ship to your home or to the spa. 


Thank you for choosing J Spa!